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HM Emperor Yung-ch'êng [Shih Tsung Hien Huang Ti] [Ching Ch'ang Yün Chien Chung Piao Chêng Wên Wu Ying Ming K'uan Jên Hsin I Jui Sh'êng Ta Hsiao Chih Ch'êng Hsien], the Great Illustrious Emperor of the Great Ch'ing Dynasty, Son of Heaven, Lord of Myriad Years, etc, died in 1735 having reigned since 1722.
Born December 13 1678, educ privately. Granted rank of To Lo Pei Lê 1698, prom to title of Ho Shê Ch'in Wang Yung, 1709. Proclaimed after the death of his father, December 20, 1722.
Married 24 wives, including
(1) HM Empress Hsiao Ching Hsien (1681-1731), raised to title of Empress January 17, 1724, received posthumous title Hsiao Ching Hsien January 7, 1732, daughter of Fiyanggu, Tch'eng-ngen-kong, of the Ulanara clan.
(2) At Peking, 1705, HM Empress Hsiao Sheng Hsien (1693-1777) granted title Ko Ko, 1705, prom to HsiiFei, 1723, to HsiiKuei Fei January 17, 1724, to Dowager Empress with title of Hsiao Chong Ching Huang T'ai Hou, January 10, 1736, and finally to posthumous title Hsiao Sheng Chih Hsuan Kang Hui Tun He Cheng Hui Renmu Ching Tian Kuang Sheng Hsien, April 23, 1777, daughter of Ling-chu, 1st Prince (Yideng Cheng En Kung) Liangrong, of Manchu Bordered Yellow Banner Corps, granddaughter of Eidu, of the Niuhuru clan.
He died in the Garden of Perfection and Brightness, Yuanming Park, Peking, October 8, 1735 (bur East Tai-ling Mausoleum, Hebei), having had issue, 10 sons and 4 daughters.

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