This blog attempts to collate various materials in connection with the year 1735.


More events

Wikipedia also lists these undated events

1. The Russo-Turkish War of 1735-1739, Russian forces fail to occupy the Crimea due to rasputitsa
2. The French make peace with the Austro-Hungarian Empire (lasts until 1740)
3. The ship building industry begins in Mumbai, India
4. End of the reign of Emperor Nakamikado, Japan
5. The King's highway Charleston-Boston, America, completed
6. Construction of the Chemin du roy Quebec-Montreal begins
7. Global circulation correctly explained for the first time by George Hadley
8. Carolus Linnaeus publishes his Systema Naturae
9. Etienne Fourmont writes Reflexions critiques sur les histoires des anciens peuples
10. William Hogarth publishes A Rake's Progress
11. Edmund Curll tries to publish "Mr Pope's Literary Correspondence", the stock of which is subsequently seized
12. Augusta, Georgia founded

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