This blog attempts to collate various materials in connection with the year 1735.


Franklin and morality

On April 10, 1735, Benjamin Franklin published his Dialogue between two Presbyterians after a Presbyterian synod in Philadelphia had brought charges against a young preacher named Samuel Hemphill. See here. it is an argument for morality over faith.


Arzamas Loskutov

In 1735 (When else?) the Cossack adventurer Arzamas Loskutov, apparently due to boredom and a lack of alcohol, recorded the last Arin words from the last Arin speaker. Arin was a Siberian language of the Yeniseian family of languages. The Yeniseian group contains at least four languages - Ket, Kott, Arin (Arrin) and Assan. Only Ket is a living language, spoken by about a thousand speakers in Central Siberia.