This blog attempts to collate various materials in connection with the year 1735.


Native Americans

It would be another generation and a half before a second image of the Inoca would be created. In 1735 a French artist, Alexander de Batz (1685-1737), created this water colour. Caption "Indians of several Nations bound for New Orleans 1735." The seated female is labeled "Renard female Indian slave" (Mesquakie) and note the presence of the "Negro" (African) child (this is the earliest depiction of an African associated with the Pay du Illinois). The adult male to the right of the African child is labeled "Atakapas" (a native society from the Gulf Coast of Louisiana and Texas). All others in the image are "Illinois." The man standing to the left is labeled "Chief" while the crouching male is labeled "Dancer." (Peabody Museum, Harvard)

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