This blog attempts to collate various materials in connection with the year 1735.


Carlo Ginori

Today Richard-Ginori is one of the world leading manufacturers of luxury tableware. They deal in genuine chinaware, combining a mixture of tradition with advanced technologies, seeking highest quality in its products.
The story of Richard-Ginori manufacturing started just outside the city of Florence in the village of Doccia when 35 year old Carlo Ginori decided to bring to Florence the magnificence of the Medicean artistic tradition. It was 1735, when the rich families of Europe collected rare porcelain pieces fired in the kilns of Vienna and Meissen, that Carlo Ginori began his admirable adventure. Recruiting the best workers of the Saxon manufacturers, the Doccia firm asserted itself from the start with the extremely fine quality of its products. After 1735, the activity continued, increasing the production and making use of the creativity of a variety of collaborators. At the end of the following century the Ginori family handed the factory over to the Milanese industrialist Augusto Richard, the owner of a ceramic business in Milan. The present company was born from this merger. More here.

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