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World's oldest railway bridge

In the memoir of Rev F C Schwartz, apparently there is a record of his being sent by the East India Company as an emissary to negotiate with Haidar Ali in 1779. There mention is made of the Kabini bridge built by Dalvoy Devaraj in 1735 over the river Kabini. Surprisingly, the bridge is intact even now. The structure, built with stones, bricks and sand is 10-12 metres in width and has a narrow gauge rail track (no longer used) and a tarred road. It has been established as the oldest railway bridge in the world. There is currently talk of redeveloping the historic site. The bridge is near Nanganjud in Mysore, Karnataka, India.


Suraj said...

I'm Proud to be in nanjangud..!

guard_jamie said...

The oldest surviving railway bridge in the wprld was built in 1725 and is in England.