This blog attempts to collate various materials in connection with the year 1735.


Wesley's Journal 07

[November 1735]
Thursday 20, We fell down into Yarmouth Roads ; but the next day were forced back to Cowes. During our stay here there were several storms; in one of which two ships in Yarmouth Roads were lost. The contrary winds gave my brother an opportunity of complying with the desire of the Minister of Cowes, and preaching there three or four times. The poor people flocked together in great numbers. We distributed a few little books among the more serious of them, which they received with all possible expressions of thankfulness.

Friday 21, One recovering from a dangerous illness, desired to be instructed in the nature of the Lord's supper. I thought it concerned her to be first instructed in the nature of Christianity; and accordingly fixt an hour a day to read with her in Mr. Law's Treatise on Christian Perfection.

Sunday 23, At night I was waked by the tossing of the ship and roaring of the wind, and plainly shewed, I was unfit, for I was unwilling to die.

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