This blog attempts to collate various materials in connection with the year 1735.


March 8, 1735
The earliest North Carolina earthquake on record is that of March 8, 1735, near Bath. This event was probably less than intensity V. See the entry from the N Carolina Archive below.

Much Sickness in North Carolina.
Boston, May 5. On Friday last Capt. Cowdry arriv'd here in l2 days from Bath County of North-Carolina, and informs us that it is exceeding sickly there, especially in the North-Country, where it was judg'd above half the Inhabitants were dead; and that whole Families were carry 'd off thereby, the Distemper begins with a violent pain in the Eye, and the Sick continue but about 20 or 30 Hours before they die; He further says, that on the 8th of March last, there was a considerable Shock of an Earthquake in No. Carolina.

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