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Publications disestablished 1735

(From Wikipedia)

Daily Courant (first regular daily newspaper to be published in England. It was first published on March 11, 1702 by Edward Mallet from rooms above the White Hart pub in Fleet Street, which he described as being: "against the Ditch at Fleet Bridge". In 1735 it was merged with the Daily Gazetteer.

Hollandsche Spectator (founded in Holland by Justus van Effen, who was inspired by the British Spectator of Addison and Steele)
The Weekly Rehearsal (Founded 1731 in Boston, it was a literary newspaper. Jeremiah Gridley served as editor and publisher (1731-1733); other publishers/printers included John Draper and Thomas Fleet. In 1735 it was continued by Thomas Fleet's Boston Evening Post.

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